Church work

Photo: Günther Hammer

From 2006-2008 I was trained in ministry in a small congregation near Heidelberg, Waldwimmersbach and Lobenfeld.

Since 2008 I have been ordained minister of the Protestant Church in Baden (Evangelische Landeskirche in Baden). As minister I was responsible for a center for spiritual work and adult education located at a church from the 12th century, Klosterkirche Lobenfeld. As well as that I worked as minister in the congregation of Waldwimmersbach and Lobenfeld, from 2009 to  2010 I was minister in the congregations of the five small villages called Schönbrunn, located in the church district of Eberbach-Neckargemünd.

Since 2010 I have been the Dean of Theologisches Studienhaus Heidelberg, which is a house for students of the University of Heidelberg (theology and other subjects). It is part of Evangelisches Studienseminar Morata-Haus.

I am responsible for the program of the house with lectures and reading groups in theology, discussions and also regularly prayers and worships. I am also responsible for ministers who spend a sabbatical back at the Faculty of Theology.

Additionally I cooperate with those who are responsible for the students of theology in counseling students and in informing college students about what it means to study theology and to become a minister.

From 2010-2012 I was trained in CPE (clinical pastoral education) within the CPE program of the Protestant Church of Baden.

As a panelist at the Protestant Kirchentag in Berlin 2017

Since 2004 I have been part of the preparation team of  Deutschen Evangelischen Kirchentag, organizing an planning panel discussions and also moderating some of them.

I regularly preach and celebrate the liturgy in the University Church of Heidelberg: Universitätsgottesdienste.

Since 2011 I have been part of the steering committee of the Gesellschaft für Evangelische Theologie.

2016 I was called into the Chamber for Theology of the EKD.

If you are interested in watching a short movie about Theologisches Studienhaus and about studying in Heidelberg, you’ll find it here: